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Charon Underfloor Safe

THE PHOENIX CHARON (ROUND DOOR) UF0500 SERIES underfloor security safes has been designed to meet the requirements for a secure yet hidden safe, and comes with 2 different cash cover options.
SECURITY PROTECTION – The UF0560 Series is available in three sizes, 8 inch, 10 inch and 12 inch cubes, and each unit comes fitted with a 26mm thick steel door, and gives a £6,000 cash or £60,000 valuables cover. The UF0510 Series comes fitted with a 31mm thick steel door, and gives an £10,000 cash or £100,000 valuables cover.
LOCKING - The safe doors are manufactured from stainless steel and incorporate ceramic inserts. Supplied as standard with a high security double-bitted Mauer 71111 key-retaining key-lock and supplied with two keys.
CONSTRUCTION - An A.B.S. neck engages into the steel collar to allow 111mm of concrete protection over the top plate.
FINISH - The safe body is constructed from high quality steel with continuously welded seams, and comes finished in attractive Red paint.
WATERPROOF - A special water resistant dust cover fits tightly onto the neck.
SPECIAL FEATURES - UD0500KD - Come complete with a deposit facility that incorporates an anti-fish device to prevent retrieval through the deposit tube.
COLOUR – Finished in a high quality scratch resistant Red paint.

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