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SL0020 Series Storage Lockers

THE PHOENIX STORAGE LOCKERS are designed to provide multiple storage facilities in a single unit. Each locker is controlled via the keypad or with a proximity card reader. Ideal for offices, hotels, public places for the storage of mobile phone, tablets etc.
SL0024E – The master unit with the electronic control panel and 24 storage lockers.
SL0026 – An accessory unit that can be connected to the SL0024E to provide an additional 26 storage lockers.
LOCKING – Each numbered locker is equipped with an electro-mechanic latch lock, controlled from the terminal on the SL0024E which has a clear LCD display and operated by a 4 digit pin code or RFID card. Fitted with a central locking bar (2 keys supplied) for technical access and locker management.
SPECIAL FEATURES – Supplied with a mains power cable and a built-in battery providing up to 8 hours working time.
INTERNAL CHARGING - Optional (SP0020 USB) internal charging facilities via 2 USB ports. Ideal for mobile phones & tablets.
LOCKERS – SL0024E - has 24 deposit lockers. SL0026 - has 26 deposit lockers. The main deposit lockers are 105H x 320W x 430Dmm. The lower two deposit lockers can be used for storing larger items such as parcels or laptops and are 375H x 320W x430Dmm.
CONSTRUCTION – 1.2mm thick front panel and body.
FIXING - Ready prepared for wall fixing, with fixing bolts for brick walls supplied.
COLOUR - Available in a colour of your choice. RAL Code required.

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