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  1. What is Lock Snapping?

    You may well have heard of “cylinder snapping” or “lock snapping“.  Lock snapping is a very common method used by burglars to break into a property that has a euro cylinder lock. Lock snapping requires ZERO skill by the thief to snap the lock. 

    Euro lock cylinders prone to lock snapping are found on almost all domestic houses that have UPVC doors, although a significant number of composite & aluminium doors use them too, and they’re often used in commercial as well as domestic environments.

    The answer is 3 Star cylinders.

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  2. BS3621 – Removing the Mystery

    We all feel for the man in the advert being quizzed about his locks, but, really, there is no mystery.

    Why Should I Care?

    BS3621 is a lock standard by British Standards Institute (BSI) for thief-resistant locks. BS-3621 locks are found on some front and back doors in the home and it’s a good way to check that your security is up to standard. This is why some insurance companies require door locks are fitted to BS 3621 British Standard.

    BS 3621 is the original lock standard and was first introduced in the 1960’s, the key facts you need to know abo

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  3. Locks for UPVC and Composite Doors

    Do you have upvc or composite doors on your house or flat? If you do they will, more than likely, be locked using a euro cylinder and, unless you have already changed them, it is very likely to be from an inexpensive range of products.

    Basic Euro profile Cylinder

    It will be relatively easy to pick or ‘snap’ (we’ll come to snapping in a moment), but it will also be very easy to replace and, without spending a fortune, you can make your home much more secure.

    Master Lock and Safe Ltd sell replacement cylinders from major manufacturers such as Ultion, Evva, Eurospec, Union and Assa which are far more resistant to picking and bumping than an inexpensive lock.

    We have fully trained engineers available to fit more secure cylinders to your doors. If you would like us to, we ca

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